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Taste happiness

Daring little treats made with exquisite chocolate to seduce your palate. The “Gourmet” box is designed for true chocolate lovers – people sensitive enough to appreciate the subtlety of good chocolate, perhaps accompanying it with something like a slice of farmhouse bread drizzled with chocolate oil. A unique, irresistible delight!


The “Gourmet” box includes:

  • Dark chocolate 62% bar (100 g)
  • Dark chocolate 70% bar (100 g)
  • Dark chocolate 90% bar (100 g)
  • Oil with cocoa (250 ml)
  • Chocolates box (36 units)
  • Wooden Card
  • Gift Box

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Discover in depth the products of the «Gourmet, taste hapiness» gift box:

Dark Chocolate 62% Bar

Dark chocolate 100 g bar (62% cocoa).

Dark Chocolate 70% Bar

Dark chocolate 100 g bar (70% cocoa).

Dark Chocolate 90% Bar

Dark chocolate 100 g bar (90% cocoa).

Oil with cocoa

Bottle of 250 ml of extra virgin olive oil (100% arbequina) with cocoa.

Chocolates box (36 units)

Share this box of 36 assorted chocolates full of sensitivity and nuances. Below, we’ll explain more about each of them.

Bombó Cafè i Xocolata Blanca

Coffee and White Chocolate

(2 units)
Ganache of coffee covered in Ivoire chocolate (white chocolate) and decorated with a coffee bean. Arabica notes.



(2 units)
Green pistachio praline, enhanced with Maldon salt. Coated with dark chocolate couverture and decorated with pistachio.

Bombó Coco i Xocolata Negra

Coconut and Dark Chocolate

(2 units)
Almond and coconut praline. Bathed in dark chocolate and decorated with Ivoire chocolate. Taste of nuts and fruity notes.

Crema Catalana (Crème Brûlée)

Crema Catalana (Crème Brûlée)

(2 units)
Truffle of white chocolate couverture, flavoured with lemon and cinnamon. Bathed in dark couverture.

Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier

(2 units)
Ganache flavoured with Grand Marnier®. Coated in Ivoire chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate. Aromatic.

Bombó Mandarina


(2 units)
White couverture mashed truffle with tangerine pulp. Moulded with white coating.

Bombó Te i Violeta

Tea and Violet

(2 units)
Truffle made with milk chocolate couverture, infused with tea and perfumed with violet flowers. Coated with milk chocolate couverture and decorated with crystalized violets.

Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic

(2 units)
Truffle made with dark couverture, milk couverture and gin, perfumed with tonic. Bathed in dark couverture and print decorated.

Bombó Licor de Cirera i Xocolata Negra

Cherry Liqueur and Dark Chocolate

(2 units)
Ganache made with Manjari chocolate and cherries, bathed in dark chocolate and decorated with pailleté of dark chocolate. Fruity notes and alcohol.

Tiramisu and Milk Chocolate

Tiramisu and Milk Chocolate

(2 units)
Ganache made from chocolate Ivoire (white chocolate) with tiramisu flavour, bathed in milk chocolate and decorated with chocolate chips. Fondant texture.

Bombó Vainilla, Opalys i Xocolata amb Llet

Vanilla, Opalys and Milk Chocolate

(2 units)
Opalys white chocolate ganache marinated with vanilla pods from Madagascar, in a mellow and delicate set. Finely bathed in milk chocolate and decorated with traces of Ivoire.

Bombó Cafè, Taronja i Xocolata Negra

Coffee, Orange and Dark Chocolate

(2 units)
Coffee ganache infused with cardamom on orange fruit paste. Bathed in dark chocolate. Decorated with fruit nuggets and chocolate to the coffee. Arabica notes slightly acidulated. Soft texture and flux.

Bombó Pera i Xocolata Negra

Pear and Dark Chocolate

(2 units)
Dark Chocolate Bath: Ganache to the pear aroma bathed in dark chocolate and presented in a pear shape. Very intense taste.

Bitter Truffle

Bitter Truffle

(2 units)
Truffle made with 70% cocoa. Coated with dark chocolate and decorated with cocoa nibs. Very intense taste.

Bombó Pa d'Espècies


(2 units)
Almond paste to 33%, orange peel confected with honey and seven spices, bathed in dark chocolate and decorated with pieces of fruit. Fruity and spicy notes. Soft texture.

Bombó Praliné de Fruits Secs i Xocolata amb Llet

Nut Praline and Milk Chocolate

(2 units)
Almond and hazelnut praline, bathed in milk chocolate and decorated with pieces of almond. Notes of nuts.

Bombó Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

(2 units)
Irish coffee truffle (café & whisky).


(2 units)
Dark chocolate and yuzu truffle.

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Dimensions 29 × 29 × 11 cm


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