Passion for Chocolate Box


Pleasure to seduce the senses

The fact that you have met someone special doesn’t mean you already know all their little weaknesses and tastes in food. If it’s something more than just friendship and you’re not sure of their tastes in chocolate, this selection we have prepared will be the perfect gift. Maybe you’ll find you have something else in common.


The box “Passion for Chocolate” includes:

  • Dark chocolate 90% bar (100 g)
  • Box of Cocoa-themed Chocolates (12 units)
  • Adult T-shirt “I’m…”
  • Wooden Card
  • Gift Box


Choose the T-shirt color and size:


Discover in depth the products of the gift box “Passionate for chocolate, a pleasure to seduce the senses”:

Dark Chocolate Bar 90% Cocoa

Dark chocolate 100 g bar (90 % cocoa).

Adult T-shirt “I’m…” (Choose)

  • I’m white: Unisex beige adult T-shirt with letters “I’m white”. Available in S/M/L/XL sizes.
  • I’m milked: Unisex brown adult T-shirt with letters “I’m milked”. Available in S/M/L/XL sizes.
  • I’m black: Unisex black adult T-shirt with letters “I’m black”. Available in S/M/L/XL sizes.

Box of Cocoa-themed Chocolates (12 units)

Delight this special person with a box of 12 assorted chocolates with a common theme: cocoa. Below, we’ll explain more about each of them.

Abinao 85%

Abinao 85%

Ganache of dark chocolate Grand Cru Abinao 85%. Bathed in dark chocolate. A subtle bit of bitterness enlivened by the strength of the tannins. Strong and tannic.

Hazelnut-Dark Chocolate

Hazelnut-Dark Chocolate

«Gianduja style» with chocolate milk, with pieces of Breton cracker. Bathed in dark chocolate. Notes of nuts. Fondant and crisp texture.



Truffle made basically of milk couverture and infusion of Ceylon cinnamon. Bathed in dark couverture and decorated with dark chocolate shavings.

Nyangbo (68% Cocoa)

Nyangbo 68%

Dark chocolate Grand Cru Nyangbo 68% ganache. Bathed in dark chocolate. Round and chocolatey notes, with a sweet spice point. Soft and chocolatey.

Milk Chocolate – Guanaja

Ganache made with Guanaja Lactée, bathed in milk chocolate. Sweet and fruity notes.

Milk Chocolate – Jivara

Ganache elaborated with Jivara Lactée, bathed in milk chocolate. Notes of caramel and vanilla.

Macaé (62% Cocoa)

Macaé 62%

Ganache of dark chocolate Grand Cru Macaé 62%. Bathed in dark chocolate. Dried apricots and black tea.

Bitter Truffle

Bitter Truffle

Truffle made with 70% cocoa. Coated with dark chocolate and decorated with cocoa nibs. Very intense taste.

Bombó Cornet Xocolata Negra

Dark Chocolate Cornet

Cornet praliné with caramelized hazelnut.

Bombó Praliné Intense Ivoire

Intense Ivoire Praliné

4678 - Tarte au chocolat

Tarte au Chocolat

Guanaja (70% cocoa) ganache with biscuits.

Bombó Praliné Intense Noir

Intense Noir Praliné

Hazelnut & almond praline dark chocolate coating.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 29 × 29 × 11 cm

Beige, Black, Brown


L, M, S, XL


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