Tea Time Box


Excitement for the senses

Let’s meet for coffee! It’s a perfect, classic excuse for meeting friends and having a good time together. And if you bring along the “Tea Time” box you’re bound to make an impression. You’ll remember your coffee time for years to come, and you’re bound to want to do it again very soon! For sure!


The “Tea time” box includes:

  • 6 Chocolate Columns Box
  • Mx Mug (2 units)
  • Box of Tea Chocolates (12 units)
  • Wooden Card
  • Gift Box

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Discover in depth the products of the «Tea time, excitement for the senses» gift box:

6 Chocolate Columns Box

Transparent box with 6 columns of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Mx Mug (2 units)

Dark mug blackboard imitation with Museu de la Xocolata logo printed.

Box of Tea Chocolates (12 units)

Share this box of 12 assorted chocolates with one thing in common, they are perfect for tea time. Below, we’ll explain more about each of them.

Tiramisu and Milk Chocolate

Tiramisu and Milk Chocolate

Ganache made from chocolate Ivoire (white chocolate) with tiramisu flavour, bathed in milk chocolate and decorated with chocolate chips. Fondant texture.

Bombó Te amb Gessamí i Xocolata Negra

Jasmin Tea and Dark Chocolate

Ganache flavoured with infusion of tea to the jasmine, bathed in dark chocolate and decorated with a motif that evokes the tea leaves. Very floral notes.

Almond - Dark Chocolate

Almond – Dark Chocolate

50% almond paste. Bathed in dark chocolate. Nut flavour and notes of bitter almond.

Macaé (62% Cocoa)

Macaé 62%

Ganache of dark chocolate Grand Cru Macaé 62%. Bathed in dark chocolate. Dried apricots and black tea.

Passion Fruit and Milk Chocolate

Passion Fruit and Milk Chocolate

Double cover «Style Gianduja» with pieces of crepe dentelle and ganache of milk chocolate Grand Cru Jivara 40% with pulp of fruit of the passion. Finely bathed in chocolate.

Bombó Galeta i Xocolata Blanca

Biscuit and White Chocolate

Ganache flavoured with vanilla extract on a layer of milk chocolate Gianduja mixed with crêpe dentelle, bathed in Ivoire chocolate (white chocolate). Creamy and crispy.

Bombó Te i Violeta

Tea and Violet

Truffle made with milk chocolate couverture, infused with tea and perfumed with violet flowers. Coated with milk chocolate couverture and decorated with crystalized violets.

Bombó Tatin i Xocolata amb Llet

Tatin and Milk Chocolate

Ganache of apple pulp caramelized, flavoured with vanilla and bathed in milk chocolate. Texture of caramel.

Tea and Dark Chocolate

Tea and Dark Chocolate

Harmonious marriage between the Macaé acidified ganache and the fresh and floral notes of the tea. Bathed in dark chocolate and decorated with Ivoire chocolate.

Bombó Te i Llimona

Lemon Tea

Truffle made with milk couverture, Earl Grey tea and perfumed with Mediterranean lemons. Coated with milk chocolate couverture and decorated with dark chocolate shavings.

Bombó Caramel, Vainilla i Xocolata Negra

Vanilla, Caramel and Dark Chocolate

Vanilla caramel ganache, bathed in dark chocolate and decorated with cane sugar. Vanilla notes. Fondant texture.

Bombó Nou Pacana i Xocolata amb Llet

Pecan Nut and Milk Chocolate

Praliné de pecan amb xocolata amb llet.

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