Contrast Box


Arouse all your senses

In life we like challenging ourselves, because life itself is a challenge. So, challenge your five senses to discover the true flavour of chocolate: subtle touches, sublime notes, exciting smells… A world of contrasts to test all your senses, either alone, with friends, with your partner or with your family.


The “Contrast” gift box includes:

  • Oil with cocoa (250 ml)
  • Yogurt & Raspberry Crackania (15 units)
  • Citrus chocolates box (12 units)
  • Bitter chocolates box (12 units)
  • Wooden Card
  • Gift Box

Discover in depth the products of the «Contrast, arouse all senses» gift box:

Oil with cocoa

Bottle of 250 ml of extra virgin olive oil (100% arbequina) with cocoa.

Yogurt & Raspberry Crackania (15 units)

Mediterranean yogurt with raspberry crackania.

Citrus chocolates box (12 units)

Arouse all your senses with this box of 12 assorted citrus-themed chocolates. Below, we’ll explain more about each of them.

Bombó Llimona


(2 units)
Almond praline made with milk chocolate couverture and Mediterranean lemons. Coated with milk chocolate couverture.

Bombó Llima


(2 units)
Milk chocolate lime truffle.

Bombó Taronja i Xocolata Negra

Orange and Dark Chocolate

(2 units)
Praline of almonds and orange nuggets bathed in dark chocolate. Acid and fruity notes.

Bombó Mandarina


(2 units)
White couverture mashed truffle with tangerine pulp. Moulded with white coating.

Bombó Gerds, Litxi i Xocolata Negra

Lychee, Raspberry and Dark Chocolate

(2 units)

Ganache of raspberry and lychee pulp, bathed in dark chocolate and decorated with crunchy red berries. Fruity and acidulated notes. Fondant texture.


(2 units)
Dark chocolate and yuzu truffle.

Bitter chocolates box (12 units)

Get unique a contrast with the box of 12 assorted bitter-themed chocolates. Below, we’ll explain more about each of them.



(2 units)
Coffee truffle. Coated with dark chocolate and print decorated.

Macaé (62% Cocoa)

Macaé 62%

(2 units)
Ganache of dark chocolate Grand Cru Macaé 62%. Bathed in dark chocolate. Dried apricots and black tea.

Bombó Cafè i Xocolata Negra

Coffee and Dark Chocolate

(2 units)
Coffee ganache bathed in dark chocolate and decorated with a motif representing the coffee beans. Very aromatic.

Abinao 85%

Abinao 85%

(2 units)
Ganache of dark chocolate Grand Cru Abinao 85%. Bathed in dark chocolate. A subtle bit of bitterness enlivened by the strength of the tannins. Strong and tannic.

Bitter Truffle

Bitter Truffle

(2 units)
Truffle made with 70% cocoa. Coated with dark chocolate and decorated with cocoa nibs. Very intense taste.

Nyangbo (68% Cocoa)

Nyangbo 68%

(2 units)
Dark chocolate Grand Cru Nyangbo 68% ganache. Bathed in dark chocolate. Round and chocolatey notes, with a sweet spice point. Soft and chocolatey.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 29 × 11 cm


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